Friday, November 10, 2006

Intelligent Design - The Flaw of the Unlimited Creator Argument

Hi folks!

[To keep this text consistent I am going to use the term God and male pronouns as is common usage. Hopefully you understand I mean "universe creator" and I do not mean that any potential God has or needs X/Y chromosones.]

One current argument being pushed by proponents of "Intelligent Design" has a time-based spin in it that has a logical flaw which I would like to point out. It is being said : "God cannot be relegated to creating the universe at the beginning of time and then letting run its course and still be God. There has to be a mechanism for God to interject his intent into the universe as it unfolds over time." This argument is meant to refute the viewpoint that humans can understand the universe by looking at it (aka "science"), and of course in its extremist usage it is meant to refute evolution, the age of the universe and any piece of information that does not fit the needs of ID supporters.

There isn't any sense at all in this argument. Neither in religious nor scientific terms.

Science tells us that "Time" is an artifact internal to the Universe itself. In other words, if it were possible to look at the Universe from the outside, one could look at it from any viewpoint in space or time. Therefore, from an external perspective - the perspective any Creator would have - the Universe was not created "In the beginning" and set running like a spring-driven clock: it was created "all at once" - including every point in space-time.

The Christian/Judeo/Muslim religion tells us the same thing. "When God created the universe he created the End and the Beginning and the Middle all at the same time."

Since we live inside the universe we are stuck with languages that refer to concepts of time so we get lost in semantics. An external creator does not have that problem. God is not "restricted" to starting the universe in a certain state and then watching as it "unfolds" - from his point of view it was not created "in the beginning" - all of it was created at the same "moment".

Therefore, nothing in science ever has or ever will be capable of removing the ability of God to intervene at any moment in the history of the universe. Any intervention desired by any external creator has "already" occurred. In fact, terms like "intervene" are themselves non-sensical to use in terms of God - if you create the entire universe then you are not "inter"anything: you by definition encompass all "inter" points and moments.

The reason this argument is being used - and imho the reason we are debating a topic as asinine as whether Evolution or Creation is correct (answer: they are unrelated topics), is simply that the complexity of considering the perspective one would have if one were not part of the universe without using time-based thoughts causes otherwise intelligent people's breains to reboot. We are putting the restrictions we live under onto a potential being who would not suffer from them at all.