Monday, March 07, 2005

Welcome to Blask Works!

Hi folks!

This blog is a forum to exercise my thoughts on topics including: Information Security, politics, philosophy, ethics, physics, sociology, biomechanics, genetics, memetics, market analytics and anything else that strikes my fancy.

It is a basis of my beliefs that the understanding of a topic is best aided by a lively discourse wherein positions can be built, defended, dismantled and reconstructed by the participants. When such discourse is conducted with participants who fervently defend positions by enunciating points of debate, the mechanics of the topic lay themselves bare and Solutions (yes, I said it) are made obvious.

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts - the march of Memetic Evolution may well amplify the motion of your fingers on a keyboard to change the structure of the world.




Bill McGee said...

Welcome, Chris. This looks to be a bit of fun! Let's get this party started!!

TIMEmotion said...

hey dude, still trying to build chrisBlask-centric world? .. would be cool