Friday, April 08, 2005

A Bit of Dabbling in the Consipracy Paintbox...

Hi folks!

Happened upon an earnest young lady searching for answers. Seems her search has spiralled into a religioconspiracy rathole, and for no particular reason (the best kind) I have put a comment on a thread on her blog (

o Comments are screened, which rings bad but may be just her response to flamers so I leave my feelings on that one unclear. We'll see if she allows my comment, and one point for her if she does.

o Thread: Why did Hitler Invade Poland?
- Answer given at, which is the basis of the thread.
- Answer, foreseeably - it was a jewish conspiracy which has gone on to control the world, including what I am writing at this moment, even though I can't tell I'm being controlled and don't know what I will write next, myself.

o I signed my post on HOI's site as shown: chris blask, this blogsite and my email address. Not too sure about nicknames - nothing wrong with having any nick you like, but if you act under that nick you should feel perfectly ready to put an actual name to it as well.

o BTW, for my vote? Anyone that can run a conspiracy that well can go ahead and run the damn world. Obviously they have every other human group ever created beat hands-down on organizational effectiveness and will do a better job than you or I would.


-chris blask

Thread: Why did Hitler Invade Poland?

Subject: Why then France?

Hi folks,

OK, I'm not one of the believers (though I may be one of the blood, being an aryan german). As one of the posters said, you may expect some illiterate rant (which, btw, is what your opposition usually expects from you, and also has many "UR SO DUM" quotes from those from your camp to whine about). Instead, I tend to want to hear every side of every issue, no matter how much I may disagree. Who knows, maybe you folks know something I've never heard which completely changes my worldview? Doubt it very very much, but hey, what good is a debate with Dittoheads?

So, Poland pissed off Germany by doing horrible things, causing Germany to invade Poland. I won't dispute that at the moment, sounds like something a badly run country would do, which is the case in most countries throughout history.

So, what about France and the Netherlands? Did they piss off Germany too, or was that another case of the Good and Pure-Intentioned Germans being horribly wronged by the Jewish Conspiracy?

One other small point, pardon me if you "get this all the time", but how do you explain the incredibly complex and well-oiled machine of this All Powerful Consiracy? In my experience, groups of people can achieve really amazing things, but keeping a perfect secret for any length of time with any number of people involved is an accomplishment beyond my imagaination.

OK, really one last one. Also it always seems to me whenever I talk to the true conspiracy believers (and one of the best-informed is one of my oldest friends, so please don't get pissed at any perceived belligerence [getting pissed at my ideas is fine, that's what we Jewish Conspirators invented Freedom of Speech for... ;-]), I can't get past the picture of this collection of conspiracies and Secret Societies spanning centuries all competing with eachother for supremacy. In the end it looks to me like the usual Open Market Resources issue - as long as they compete against each other (assuming they exist) they effectively cancel themselves out. Even if there is a Jewish Conspiracy, there is certainly a Hindu Conspiracy, a Muslim Conspiracy, a Christian Conspiracy (you may be part of it, afaik) and others all wrestling with eachother. As long as we (the species) don't let any one of you groups/conspiracies/religions/whathaveyou have too large a percentage of the free oxygen - and we achieve that by keeping you all out in the open (a favorable by product of Freedom of Speech, which itself is simply the only rational way to exist) - it all cancels out like an interference pattern.

Go ahead and have your jewish/nazi/masonic conspiracies. Whatever social lessons there are to be gained for the species will be vetted in the cauldron of Free Speech, Free Enterprise and the aggregate individual choices people, on average, make so well.

-chris blask

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